Semantics and Literature Course Components

Definition of anomaly (noun)
oddity; inconsistency; deviation from the norm; exception; deviation 
Examples: An anomaly existed when the report listed one statistic, and the spokeswoman reported another. In a parking lot full of Buicks, Chevys, and Plymouths, the Jaguar was an anomaly.

Definition of oust (verb)
drive out; to eject; to evict 
Examples: The dictator was ousted in a coup d'etat.
Definition of acclaim (noun)
loud approval; applause; praise 

Examples: Edward Albee's brilliantly written Broadway revival of A Delicate Balance received wide acclaim.
Definition of allegory (noun)
symbolic description; metaphor 

Examples: The book contained many allegories on French history.

Definition of tumid (adjective)
swollen; pompous; puffy 

The tumid river washed away the homes built on the shore.
After he earned his high-school diploma, he became insufferably tumid.
The tumid balloon floated, but the empty one did not.

Definition of deter (verb)
to prevent; to discourage; to hinder 

Examples: He deterred the rabbits by putting down garlic around the garden.
Definition of supplant (verb)
to take the place of; to usurp 

Examples: Can you supplant my position if I cannot play?

Definition of curb (noun)
restraint; framework; raised edge of a sidewalk 

Examples: A curb was put up along the street to help drainage.

Definition of gerrymander (verb)
to gain advantage by manipulating unfairly; to falsify; to pervert; to distort 

Examples: To gerrymander during negotiations is considered unfair.

Definition of homeostasis (noun)
maintenance of stability 

Examples: Knowing the seriousness of the operation, the surgeons were concerned about restoring the patient to homeostasis.